Consumer IT Services

Whether it is a slow machine or security concerns, we can take the necessary steps to resolve all your IT issues.

Spilt liquid on your laptop? Power it off and get it to us as fast as you can – the sooner the better as time equates to blown chips. Do not be tempted to power it back on “just to see” if it still works as that can blow the board. Don’t put it in a corner and hope the next time it will work or run it as it seems okay. We see machines that work for a couple of weeks then die. At that stage it is too late to sort it. If we get the device early enough, we can clean the board and get the machine back working. If liquid stays on the components you are looking at a new machine, and possible data loss. But you’re backed up, right?

Someone got onto your machine? It happens to everyone. We have dealt with numerous machines where third parties have managed to con their way onto a device. Bring the machine to us to be sure that it is safe to continue using it. Read our blog post on the steps to take if this happens to you.

Machine not running as fast as you can type? Most issues with slow machines can be resolved with the addition of more memory or replacing the hard drive that is in the machine with a ssd (solid state drive). With prices starting as low as £154 can you afford not to?

Struggling to understand your device? We can offer training sessions to get you using your tech more effectively and to make sure your investment in technology pays off.

Whatever your issue we have the solution so get in touch today.