Apple Device Services

Apple devices have a number of diagnostic features built in.

Most issues can be identified by pressing the D key as the machine starts up. This puts the machine into a diagnostic mode. All hardware components are checked. Any issues will be reported so this will give you a starting point. There is also the Apple app that can be downloaded here that can assist is getting you going again.

When you cannot get your device to behave we are able to diagnose the issue and assist with its resolution.

Amongst others, we can resolve issues with the following:

  • machines that are slow to respond. We can upgrade most devices to a ssd which are 10 times faster than the ordinary drive that most devices came with prior to 2019. Macbook Air devices, more recent iMacs and Macbooks are now sold with integrated hard drives. This is something to bear in mind when buying a new device. Ensure that you get a device that has sufficient capacity for however long you expect to be able to use the machine.
  • machines that are exhibiting graphics issues. These are common with iMacs particularly those dated 2009. Often the card controlling the display can be replaced.
  • issues caused by upgrading the Apple software. We have seen a number of machines fail during the upgrade to Monterey requiring the firmware to be reloaded to get them working again. This needs a second Apple device to complete the process so is often not an easy thing for someone to be able to do themselves
  • migration of data to new hardware. We can move your files and apps to new hardware when you are ready to replace your current device.
  • machines that will not boot. Often this can be an issue with the hard drive or the Mac operating system both of which we can resolve.

Whatever the problem you are having get in touch with us today.