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We place simplicity at the core of our tailored, cost-effective services for business based on your unique requirements.

Work from anywhere, share with colleagues, use any device. Flexible and reliable – isn’t this what all businesses need? With Microsoft 365 now even the smallest start-up can benefit from enterprise-class services.


You love Apple, we love Apple. But nobody likes a bad Apple.

When your Apple device goes bad, you need people who are used to servicing, repairing and upgrading Apple tech.

With trained staff, we can put the shine back on your Apple product whether it be an iMac, Macbook or mobile device.


If you have a tech issue we are here to solve it. We offer repairs, computer services, malware removal and upgrades.

When selling equipment, we take the time to understand your IT requirements and make sure you get the tech that is right for you.

Why settle for a big store impersonal experience when you can come have a chat with experts and get sound advice. Maybe buy something into the bargain! If we haven’t got it in store we can get it for you so always best to ask if you cannot see what you want.


Everyone has them – those old VHS and camcorder tapes or film reels sitting around in a box in the attic. Those precious memories need not be lost.

With our partner company AFX, we can get those memories converted to DVD or USB so you can revisit them whenever you want

Call in today for a leaflet on pricing and find out how you get those old films brought up to the present day.

  • Printer Woes

    Printers often go wrong particularly at that crucial time you need to print out your crucial work document or boarding pass. There are 2 types of printer. Inkjet printers use cartridges or ink tanks. Lasers use toners similar to copiers. The cost of producing a printed copy is lower with laser printers but the toners…

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  • How to pinpoint why a machine is slow

    Often we get machines into the shop that are running slowly. How do we speed them up? Task Manager Our starting point for a Windows machine is Task Manager. First step is to show all the features this tool has by getting it to show More Details and this gives a number of tabs along…

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  • Should I Upgrade? Windows 11 vs Monterey

    There are 2 new versions of the main operating systems available now. After promising no new Windows versions, Microsoft have released Windows 11 and Apple have Monterey. What is an Operating System? This is the software that you see when you turn on the machine. It controls the main functions; allows you to see your…

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  • Time to Buy a New Machine

    When it comes to replacing your current machine the question we often get asked is what should you buy? First, what makes up a machine. The main things to look at are the processor, memory and hard drive. The processor is the brain. The bit that does the work. These are either built by Intel…

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  • I’ve been scammed – What Now?

    We’ve all had them. The call that comes just at the wrong time when you are distracted, thinking about something else or it coincides with an actual PC issue. The caller says they are from Microsoft; your internet provider or a tech company. Surprise, surprise – you have an issue they can resolve. Or they…

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  • Backing up

    Your files, pictures and music files are all safe on your machine right? Most modern drives are fairly reliable as being solid state they no longer have moving parts. This means there are less components that can fail. But they still do fail and we see machines come in on a regular basis with customers…

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